• Divine Dove 2023

    In the 2023 edition of the national competition dedicated to artisanal doves we ranked 2nd place as best Traditional Colomba

  • Master Panettone

    It is the panettone competition par excellence which every year decrees the best product in all of Italy. In December 2021, among over 400 participants, we had the honor of being awarded among the top three best leavened products in Italy.

  • Elite

    We are part of the association that brings together the most excellent Italian companies in the sector. This certifies that we produce great leavened products to perfection according to Italian regulations and with the careful selection of the best raw materials. Furthermore, we are committed to continuing to grow in our knowledge of sourdough in all its facets.

  • Panettone Maximo

    In 2022 we participated for the first time in the festival which rewards the best artisanal panettone in the capital and Lazio, winning 2nd place in the traditional panettone competition and arriving among the best producers of large leavened products in Lazio.

  • Divine Dove

    In 2022 we were among the top 10 artisanal producers of this national competition dedicated to the typical Easter dessert.

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