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Solo da Manduca 1980



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Panettone made with our award-winning dough, glazed with pistachio chocolate and pistachio chocolate flakes. Accompanied by a fantastic pistachio cream of our production. The enveloping flavor of toasted pistachios accompanied by pistachio chocolate, pistachio cream and our moist and soft dough will make this panettone a true pistachio riot.

The package of approximately 1kg includes:
Panettone 750g
+ Jar of pistachio cream 250g
+ Whole toasted pistachios 40g


00 FLOUR, water, category A egg yolks, sugar, centenary mother yeast, dairy butter, pods
Madagascar vanilla, Italian acacia honey, salt, orange paste and Sicilian lemon.

ICING: pistachio chocolate and pistachio chocolate flakes.

Whole toasted PISTACHIOS 40g sachet

PISTACHIO CREAM JAR: sugar, vegetable fats and oils, pistachio, skimmed milk powder, lactose, soy lecithin, curcumin, chlorophyll.
May contain traces of nuts.

Awards and recognitions

Ours is a THREE DOUGH leavened product: longer and more demanding processing, which gives great softness and digestibility, making the product obtained unique.


Among the best three Italian panettone according to master panettone 2021

Second place in Panettone Maximo 2022


2nd BEST PANETTONE IN ITALY according to Mastro Panettone 2023

Part of the Italian panettone elite, certified to make "panettone to perfection


Keep in a cold and dry place. Do not expose to the sun. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

The integrity of the Panettone is guaranteed until the end of the holidays.

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Creative pastry

At the basis of our creations is the choice to combine quality raw materials with the use of innovative ingredients and cutting-edge processing techniques for creations that are always surprising to the palate and to the eye, delicious and aesthetically perfect.

Care of Packaging

Going to the pastry shop is a way to donate or treat yourself to an emotion, a prize with which to celebrate a moment to remember. And like all gifts, the packaging must be worthy of its contents, recalling its preciousness as a non-ordinary taste experience.

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